Thursday, 6 December 2012

KPOP STAR WATCH: Ha Minseong, Oh Dawon, Seong Sujin

My favourites from last week's episode, which was also the last first round auditions episode.

Ha Minseong (31)
Half Viet half Korean from Germany, many know him as urbangermany on YouTube. He's a professional songwriter and has already done a huge playlist of amazing song covers. Allkpop did a piece on him earlier this year which I totally recommend you to read, because he talks about affiliations with kpop artists in the past. Translating from the interview before his performance: The positive feedback of his Bad Boy (Big Bang) cover on YouTube made him realize that he too could become a singer. He noticed that the judges on Kpop Star unlike judges at other singing competition shows gave a lot of feedback to the contestants about things they actually need to develop as a singer, which led to him to want to audition for the show.
From the judges expressions during the performance you can probably guess that he made it through to the next round. Boa also clarified that when she said he liked guys who sang while playing the guitar last season, it wasn't all guys with guitars that she was talking about. She liked the guys like this guy.
And I like this guy :)

A couple days after the show aired I really can't remember much else from this episode... I just got really excited about seeing this guy on the show it seems that's all I can remember. There was this one other girl from Harvard that fought for her chance to stay, because musical performance is all she really knew (because her parents didn't let her listen to mainstream music and to let her pursue a dream in singing they said she had to go to Harvard and take vocal lessons.. like opera first) and the judges deemed her too old-fashioned and better suited for a career in musical production. Other than that...

Oh Dawon (20)

There was also one girl who auditioned in the first season, got through the preliminary rounds but was cut soon after that. She also went through a transformation during the last year when she went to get her chin/jaw fixed (it jutted out and was too big for her face). After a year of healing she's come back with a fierce attitude and her still awesome voice.

Song Sujin (24)

[Edit: For some closure on this post, neither Ha MinSeong nor Oh Dawon made it through the ranking auditions.]

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