Saturday, 21 April 2012

[Lyrics Translation] GOGOBOYS!

Discovered this on my YouTube homepage. I'm starting to believe that subscribing to Soundholic Entertainment on YT is one of the best choices in terms of acquiring new Korean music for my playlists.
I am absolutely loving GOGOBOYS; their vintage rock concept for their new album Jukebox is just so fun.

우리가 이렇게 된 건 전부 너 때문이야 (It's all your fault that we've become like this)

Friday, 20 April 2012

Daesung's beauty tip: The Go-Dae facial cleansing method

A-class actress Go Hyunjeong's GO Show recently featured Big Bang, making for an absolutely hilarious episode. I thought I'd just make a post from one part of the show, Daesung's facial cleansing method.

They revealed in their "G-file" segment of the show that upon Daesung being aired on HD TV, he learned and started using perfect complexion Go Hyunjeong's facial cleansing method. He shared his interpretation of the method with his own added tip, which I've translated below:

Monday, 9 April 2012

4Minute Volume Up

4Minute's back.

Volume Up

[Lyrics Translation] Busker Busker!

I know nothing about this group. Other than their names, that they were on Superstar K3 and their drummer is American (as in he's white), I know nothing.
But I love them.

And their Konglish.

Busker Busker is a fun and very charming band, just debuting around mid-March with their first self-titled album. I'm very curious as to how they communicate with each other, seeing how Brad seems not to know much Korean in their "interview" and Bumjoon and Hyungtae don't seem very fluent in English (Bumjoon couldn't remember how to say 'spit' so he first called it 'mouth water' LOL).

They haven't released any full music videos with their first album, but they have a short "music video" for their song 이상형 (Ideal type/partner) with some fun OK GO-esque choreography and their own silliness. I thought I might do a lyrics translation with this post because the lyrics are also very funny, full of some odd fetishes :)

Monday, 2 April 2012

There used to be a time like this [Super Junior]

I just keep going back on nostalgic moments in kpop these days, I thought I just might as well make it a corner. A segment? A regular.


Miracle, Super Junior's debut single. I, with every other kpop fan back in stared at the screen back in 2005 in wonder, at the reality that there was a 12 member super cutie boy band singing and dancing together in the same frame. Sure their hair and number intimidated me, but eventually I learned all of their names (with difficulty) and picked favourites. That was back when I did indeed love them.

I followed their activities from Miracle, to Twins (Knock Out), to U in 2006, which was when they gained Kyuhyun as their 13th member.


U was probably the last track I really liked from them as a fan. After this track they become a bit irrelevant to this back in the day post, but I'm going to continue. This blogging momentum, you know?