Wednesday, 30 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: Part 1 of the Battle Auditions!

In this stage of the competition, the judges are to narrow the group from 18 acts to the Top 10 acts that will compete on the live stage. This is a crazy stressful round for everyone because the number of contestants is basically cut in half.

Monday, 21 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: Last casting auditions Pt2

Allllrighty! last round of the last casting auditions! The contestants that made it through this round will move on to compete in the "Battle Auditions", where the 18 acts will fight for the spots in the Top 10. From there, the Top 10 perform every week LIVE. I'm super excited!!!

Saturday, 19 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: Last casting auditions Pt1

Casting auditions 2 (Part 1)

AAH LAST ROUND OF CASTING AUDITIONS! The judges each have 6 casting opportunities from their pick of the contestants. This means that only 18 acts will go through, eliminating almost half of the contestants left in the competition.

Monday, 7 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: The results of the first round of casting auditions... Pt. 2

Here we are, second part to the first casting auditions!
Because BoA seemed very focused on creating a super girl group this season, this seems to have dictated a lot of her casting choices. This didn't apply for all of her choices, but that is something she seemed to be set on and it streamlined a lot of what she was doing.

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: The results of the first round of Casting auditions... Pt. 1

I contemplated updating after the ranking auditions, but there were too many names and faces that I couldn't keep up with. I decided to keep up from the Casting auditions, because that's where we get to be more familiar with the contestants and actually see who are the core of this competition.

Group 1:  The Contract Couple Kim TaeYeon & Park JongBin
This was the first "couple" group that was put together as competition for the real couple group coming up next. Because they weren't a real couple but were expected to perform like one, they tried very hard (as seen in the BTS in the clip) to find the chemistry they needed. Kim TaeYeon was noted for her pretty voice during the ranking auditions, and sure enough was casted by JYP for her skills. Park JongBin however was the Sung ShiKyung look and sound-a-like, and for that reason despite everyone's efforts he was not casted.