Monday, 7 January 2013

KPOP STAR WATCH: The results of the first round of casting auditions... Pt. 2

Here we are, second part to the first casting auditions!
Because BoA seemed very focused on creating a super girl group this season, this seems to have dictated a lot of her casting choices. This didn't apply for all of her choices, but that is something she seemed to be set on and it streamlined a lot of what she was doing.

Group 7: Three G Yoo HyoJin & Son YooJi & Kim MinJeong
Kim MinJeong (shorty), the memorable 11 year old popper was paired with the two girls who were chosen as the best of the 5-6 member girl group they first auditioned with (That would explain why they have matching outfits while MinJeong doesn't). Together they performed Seo Taiji and the Boys' Come Back Home, a track that Papa YG himself performed back in the day. JYP praised them for different things: Yoo HyoShin (tall) was praised for her powerful moves, Son YooJi (middle) for her dance sense (he thought she most received the short end of the stick with this genre), and Kim MinJeong for her natural groove. YG said that if Kim MinJeong lost some weight she would be like the younger BoA for her dance moves. JYP had first pick and chose YooJi, SM took HyoJin, and when YG passed BoA took the chance and casted MinJeong as well.

Group 8: Shines Choi NaYoung & Yi JooYeon & Yi SuKyung & Seong SuJin
It seems that they like to dramaticize every scene that Seong SuJin (jacket) appears in, because she has such a honest character and she was on the show before. While introducing this group they cut to scenes from the first season, where Seong SuJin was criticized for her lack of leadership in the group she went to the casting auditions with. This time, it appears she worked out that role and was praised for it. She noted in the interview clip that all four of these girls had received harsh criticisms from JYP, and they also wanted to be casted by YG. BoA took Seong SuJin, and YG took a chance and casted the rest of them. The judges noted that they had improved but YG added that if he were to give them a score they would just be flat 80 (good, but not amazing or appealing). For the record: NaYoung (red pants), JooYeon (skirt), SuKyung (hat)

Group 9: Two Thousand Won (Kim HyoBin & Kim IlDo) & Jeong WooSung
The group that super impressed the judges with their cover of JYP's hit song was paired with Jeong WooSung (red and black sleeves), the wild card contestant that was saved by YG for his experience in the underground rap scene. The group expressed their worries about their choice to take a chance and completely change the ending of the song they had chosen, which did cost them. The judges unanimously agreed that the choice was not a good one and it had completely changed their impression of the performance (it was so good right up until the end of the rap battle!). YG and SM passed on them, much to their shock, JYP took the boys of Two Thousand Won, and Jeong WooSung was not casted.

Group 10: Yi JuEun & Park YeSeo
... and from here they kind of whipped through the rest of the contestants until the last two performances. Neither of these contestants were really highlighted prior to this performance, and they pretty much kept it that way. Yi JooEun was praised for her voice by JYP and SM casted her. Park YeSeo however was not picked by any of them.

Group 11: Kim SeJeong & Jo YuMin
Kim SeJeong (red sweater) was a wild card saved by YG, and Jo YuMin (jacket) was the memorably boyish looking husky voiced but sweet singing voiced student. The judges seemed overall pleased with their compatibility, and although YuMin was noted for how stiff she became when hitting the high notes, YG casted both of them.

Group 12: Andrew Choi & Yoon JuSeok
This pair was matched with curiosity by the judges as to how they would work out their major differences. Andrew (standing) had a thinner sound but was great with detail, whereas JuSeok (piano) had a more powerful sound and lacked attention to detail. JYP disapproved of their song choice, but YG said that it wasn't so bad because they are each so different in the vibes they give off. JYP also noted that JuSeok seemed to lack the ability to capture the audience with his performance by their emotions, but rather gave the impression that he was just putting on a show for his self-enjoyment and left it to the audience to enjoy it with him or not. Despite all of that, JYP casted Yoon JuSeok and SM casted Andrew Choi (for SM family reasons? he was an acknowledged producer/song writer for SM).

Group 13: Choi YeGeun & Kim DongOk & Yi JinWoo
Overall super impressed with this group, the judges had nothing but good to say. Choi YeGeun (jacket) was acknowledged right from the get-go for her talent in singing and rearranging music. Kim DongOk (sweater dress) and Yi JinWoo (vest) were highlighted in the ranking auditions for their amazing voices. JinWoo seems to have taken the leader role in the group and was hoping to be acknowledged for that, but it seemed the compatibility of the three overshadowed that fact. YG casted all three of them.

Group 14: Shin JiHoon & Im KyungHa
Shin JiHoon (bangs, shorts) is the little figure skating ace with the crazy six pack and now impressive vocals. She was continually praised for the effortless way she hits the high notes, and Im KyungHa (skirt) was even compared to her because for her to get the high notes she had to noticeably prepare herself. YG had first pick and so he snapped up JiHoon, and JYP casted KyungHa.

After the casting auditions the contestants are given 2 weeks to prepare for the next casting auditions. They will/may be arranged into new groups, pairs, or perform as solo acts, with much guidance from their respective judge that had casted them. The previews for the next episode hinted that celebrity encounters with star singers of the judge's entertainment companies for advice and pointers.

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