Friday, 11 May 2012

Recently released, new favourite tracks - JYP (with Ga-In), BoA (with Henry and Key), Nell, IU

Since my last post, there hasn't been an awful lot of new content released to the world, but the ones that have been unleashed are pretty significant. Big expectations, great results. Let's start with JYP.

JYP, the man behind the label and the many many hit tracks of 2PM, 2AM, miss A and Wonder Girls is back on stage as the solo artist he debuted as. As a man of 40 (this year) he brings a sense of maturity and experience in his stories underlying his lyrics in his new mini-album Spring 새로운 사랑에게 보내는 다섯곡의 노래 (Spring - Songs for a new Love) and we get to see his awesome moves he's also been known for.  He's also been on multiple variety shows which aired all around the same weekend as the last episode of Survival Audition KPOP Star, also on which he was a judge. If you're interested in his actual personality then I suggest watching episode 41 of Healing Camp, where he talks about his values and goals throughout his life and reveals a unexpectedly adorable side to him compared to the face he puts on when he's on stage or on Kpop Star.

Someone else (with Ga-In from Brown Eyed Girls)

You're the One - I recommend checking out the dance video of this song, some awesome moves he's got. And I thought one of the backup dancers was Shiwoo from Dream High 2 ^^)

I've also been jamming to BoA's track for Kpop Star. It had been released a while ago but I didn't really give it a listen until I kept hearing it at the end of the Kpop Star episodes. Perhaps it's just because I loved the show so much that I like the song, or maybe I just like those motivational "you can do it!" type songs...

One Dream (with Henry from Super Junior N and Key from SHINee)

Nell is a band that has been around since 1997, but I hadn't heard of them at all until they released a new album (Slip Away) about a month ago. They have a great sound and I'm seriously kind of sad that I haven't heard of them before. Both people in the music video below are actors.

The Day Before

And lastly, IU's return to the scene with her album celebrating her turning 20 (note: in Korea they count your age as 1 from birth so you're one year older in Korea than in the rest of the world. This means IU is actually 19 this year). Her super long "music video" actually starts off with documentary style making-of clips which then gets infused with the story line of the song and so the song actually starts at about the 17:15 mark in the video. There's also a clip of her singing another song at the end of the video with the credits at 24:45. I've loved IU's music since her Real album, and still I look forward to her future projects.

Every End of the Day

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