Thursday, 21 June 2012

2BiC & Ailee!

I'm kind of returning to posting, now that I'm returning back to kpop :)

I've been in Trois-Rivières these past six weeks to take some French course and just get immersed in a French speaking community. It's been great, but I'm just so excited to get back home, which will be on Friday :)

In the meanwhile, I have been keeping an eye out for new kpop releases, and I've been really impressed with some of the new stuff that have come out, like Teen Top's new release To You, which was actually something I expected from Infinite, but they did it so well. There was also After School's Flashback (okay I'm not that impressed with the song itself and some of them are STILL a bit dead in the eyes but their attitude is much more present. I think they've improved for sure!)

What I really want to post about is 2BiC's new song Love Again featuring Ailee. I never really gave 2BiC a listen but they popped up on my YouTube subscription list and I am a fan of Ailee so CLICK

Ailee actually isn't in the video herself, but OMG I LOVE HER RAPPING VOICE, and of course there's no need to question her singing. I love the groove in this song and I definitely don't agree with the choice of the sets they used for this video (or just the flashy cars and sparkly sexy back up dancer concept in general) but the sound is awesome. I LOVE IT.

I don't know much about 2BiC but I'm pretty sure they're pulling a subtle Piggy Dolls move and standing by their looks and weight as how they are. I'm also going to guess they won't be received as well by the Korean audience because of that but whatever, they're voices are amazing and I love their sound. Loving Team 2BiC & Ailee!

I also hope she comes out with some new stuff soon. I want to hear more of her rapping like I want more TOP singing minus the auto tune. He can't be that horrible.... Anyone remember No Diggity?

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