Sunday, 9 September 2012

G-Dragon sings about That XX

I started on a post about G-Dragon's bangin' One of a Kind, but I missed the timing to post it and a lot of attention had already been called to it so I decided not to post it. Luckily for me though, he recently released another single that I would like to do a commentary on.

That XX

Clearly those X's in the title (also found in the Korean title) are acting as censors for something along the lines of "asshole" (in Korean it would probably be saekgi, judging by how they've bleeped it). I'm not really surprised that G-Dragon would come out with something that needs bleeping; I was actually more surprised that he paired it with a song of this sound. I'm actually kind of disappointed there are no "explicit version" and "clean version" releases as it is commonly done in the American music scene. They definitely used censorship to stay within the lines of the strict and conservative Korean culture, but then again, G-Dragon's use of the bleeps sounds probably draw more attention to the fact that he put swears in the song and is purposely making it clear that they are there. Battling out artistic freedom like a badass motherfucker that he is.

The music video is quite lovely, with the camera effects, lighting, and props. It definitely reminds me of Tablo's music video for Bad, but a very much more toned down less sexually violent version. It's probably just the eye makeup, finger/hand tattoes and colour scheme :)

He sings about how he's caught the the boyfriend of the girl he loves cheating on her, but she gets angry at GD for accusing her bf for something like that. He sings about his frustration because of her, because he loves her but she can't see it and come to the realization that GD would be a much better partner than her current cheating douchebag boyfriend.

G-Dragon proves with this song that he is a jack of all trades, singing in that boyishly high voice of his and slipping into that more masculine rapper voice; singing, rapping, rap-singing, acting... and his dancing has been confirmed by his earlier works. I really like this song, I just might do a translation post once frosh week is over :)

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