Sunday, 26 August 2012

August catch up - Super Junior, Boa, KARA

In the week and a half I hadn't posted, there were a couple of big names that had released new songs and videos. I was being really lazy for most of that time but there was also the factor that I'm not a huge fan of these artists which was why I could push back posting on them for a while. It's not that I dislike them, but I'll usually take my time to see what they've come up with.

Super Junior - Spy

I was surprised to find myself actually really liking this song. Probably because it's something that's actually different from what they usually put out. It's not all electronic synth monotone type dance track, but it's actually really interesting. There are of course the stupid sounding English lyrics (which Simon and Martina covers pretty well) but overall I was pleasantly surprised with their comeback. They do have a dance version of the music video, but I don't recommend it. It's really badly done on the production side for a dance version, which is really saying something.

BoA - Shadow

I heard this track when the Only One album was released. I really liked it and was wishing that she made a music video for this one instead of Only One because the "drama version" of Only One ended up being pretty pointless. However, after seeing the music video for Shadow I can't say that it was really satisfying either. Don't get me wrong BoA is super pretty and I really came to like her after seeing her on Kpop Star Auditions and stuff, but the video didn't really connect. She dances well and I like the song but none of that seemed to come together very well in the video, and all I could really get from it was that she's really pretty and they picked some nice outfits for it.

KARA - Pandora

This song... is really.... I don't know. Japanese sounding? There's a quality to this song that makes me think of those Japanese anime soundtracks - all frantic and girly if you know what I mean. It's not completely like that but I'm pretty sure after they made it so big in Japan the people behind Kara are trying more to create stuff that would be really easy to carry directly into the Japanese market. Kara's songs have this thing where it sounds like all of their voices are made into one.. like some chorus or something, and it's something that I particularly like. I think I prefer their individual TV appearances over their music, but that's just me being honest.

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