Sunday, 25 November 2012

Kpop Instrumentals

I personally am someone who always gets distracted and carried away with singing along to the songs that I listen to. This makes it a problem when I'm trying to study.. unless they're instrumentals :D

Music with no lyrics like that of Ratatat, Deadmau5, and other electronic artists (Justice) or bands (Glen Check) with minimal singing makes it possible for me to do some studying while jamming to music. I actually have found Deadmau5's music really good for when I'm blogging and Ratatat's beats keep me on track when I'm reviewing study notes. However, this is also possible with kpop. Kpop instrumentals that is.

A lot of kpop artists actually release instrumental tracks with their originals in their EPs or albums. A lot of ballad singers do that as well as smaller rookie groups. Some other companies who don't release their instrumentals in the EPs or LPs sell them online, like YGE. Instrumentals, acapella, and music removed versions of their artists' songs can be found on their website, up for fans to buy.

There is also a channel on YouTube that has been uploading all of these versions of YG hits to share. It's AWESOME. go check it out.

They also have another channel where they upload gems like this. OMGTOP.

Big Bang - Candy (H.O.T. cover)

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