Saturday, 10 November 2012

WTF 15000 views

KPOP COMMENTARY has reached 15 000 views, mostly in thanks to my blog post on Psy's sunglasses which makes up about 85% of my pageviews. That's awesome and was totally unexpected for me when I first made that post. I think it's really cool because I've been thinking and have been involved in a lot of strategizing at work for increasing views for blogs, since the Internet is such a big place. This is first-hand experience gained with amazing timing and has become yet another reason why I think the Internet is so awesome.

Of course I guess whether I make my entire blogger existence a one wonder hit really depends on my persistence and consistency, which I've already proven to myself that I completely suck at (I've tried  blogging since the beginning of high school so that's almost 6 years already....). I will try though, for the love of kpop. hah.

I started a new blog called Cynic & Crazy with my friend J. We're both people-watching loving creeps and will be posting such situations we observe through life with witty drawings and hopefully just show how you can find amusement in just the little things in life. There's also the posting things we like on the Internet part too.

I guess I should thank you Psy fans for all of the views. Perhaps 15000 isn't that big of a number for the Internet nowadays but I think that's mind blowing for something I've done. So yeah. Thanks ^^