Sunday, 25 November 2012

Swings and SPICA are Lonely

Swings - Lonely feat. Yoon Jong Shin

Swings is awesome. He's been around for a couple of years, and you'd probably remember him from being that feature rapper in Taeyang's After She Goes to Bed, Phantom's Homeground, and Ailee's My Love.

He recently released a song with Yoon Jong Shin, although I don't really see why he has to be in the song, considering Swings has an amazing voice himself. However, despite the cheesy video production (and the super cheesy Yoon Jong Shin) I love this song. It's awesome in how it's so meaningful in telling Swings' personal story, which we just don't seem to get enough of in this industry.

Speaking of loneliness...

SPICA - Lonely 

All of the YouTube comments seem to be about how similar this is to Sistar's Alone... I must say I prefer this one better. I really like the classier colours and sets used in this music video, and I really really hate velvet but I like their outfits a lot more than Sistar's tight hot pink or black pleather outfits. However, I have to say SPICA sounds pretty flat in this song and they really just don't match up to expressing their loneliness through their singing as much as Sistar does.

SPICA gave such an impression with Russian Roulette, but their edge seems to have been a one time thing. They've since dissolved into the demands of the kpop industry by jumping on the cutesy track bandwagon with I'll Be There which sounds a bit like a Spice Girls song. They have yet to impress me as their first songs did, but I must admit that I still have hope for them.

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