Monday, 9 April 2012

[Lyrics Translation] Busker Busker!

I know nothing about this group. Other than their names, that they were on Superstar K3 and their drummer is American (as in he's white), I know nothing.
But I love them.

And their Konglish.

Busker Busker is a fun and very charming band, just debuting around mid-March with their first self-titled album. I'm very curious as to how they communicate with each other, seeing how Brad seems not to know much Korean in their "interview" and Bumjoon and Hyungtae don't seem very fluent in English (Bumjoon couldn't remember how to say 'spit' so he first called it 'mouth water' LOL).

They haven't released any full music videos with their first album, but they have a short "music video" for their song 이상형 (Ideal type/partner) with some fun OK GO-esque choreography and their own silliness. I thought I might do a lyrics translation with this post because the lyrics are also very funny, full of some odd fetishes :)


Bumjoon: Hey Brad! A totally beautiful girl over there!
Brad: There Where? Her? Whaaaat?! [translation note: "hul" sounds like 'her' with a Korean accent, and it's also a slang term expressing 'what the hell/you're kidding me']
Hyungtae: Oh come on, what is that?
Bumjoon: What? I like it!

Your pinky toenail makes my heart flutter.
Your ninth backbone makes me go crazy, I like it
Your little potbelly, your rounded chin
Your fingers are kind of small
Your wrinkly elbows - I like it so much

I love your chubby wrists
I like your curly curly hair
I like each and every thing about you
I like your high toned voice

Your subtly rounded tummy makes my heart race [TN: direct translation has to do with "showing organs" which can be interpreted as in they make her tummy stick out]
Your spiraling cochlea is so sexy
Your faintly showing third rib
Your knee cartilage, your Achilles heel
Your rounded cheekbones - I like it so much


If I'm only looking at you, do we grow farther apart?
Why don't you understand my feelings, you, who's captivated me
If I'm only waiting for you, do we grow farther apart?
How can you not understand my feelings? Why?


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