Friday, 20 April 2012

Daesung's beauty tip: The Go-Dae facial cleansing method

A-class actress Go Hyunjeong's GO Show recently featured Big Bang, making for an absolutely hilarious episode. I thought I'd just make a post from one part of the show, Daesung's facial cleansing method.

They revealed in their "G-file" segment of the show that upon Daesung being aired on HD TV, he learned and started using perfect complexion Go Hyunjeong's facial cleansing method. He shared his interpretation of the method with his own added tip, which I've translated below:

1) Remember that your own hands are dirty.
Most people think that because these are my hands, I can touch my own face, but in that moment: game over. During broadcasts, the distance (between my hand and my face) may be close, but I'm never actually touching.

2) In the shower, it seems okay [to touch my face] because I'm washing up; no no.
Wash your hands with soap for 1-2 minutes and with those clean hands, cleanse your face in the opposite direction in the texture of your skin.

3) You may think that washing your face 2 or 3 times is good, but it can make things worse. You have to wash it in one go, deep cleanse just once, in great detail.

Then he added his own tip:

4) When you rinse your face with water, you can't have the water spray directly in your face; that is also harmful. Let the water hit your head first, then let the water that drips down rinse off the cleanser.
The good thing about it is that it's like a scene from a movie; you let it drip and think, "what a great wrap up to another day".

Go Hyunjeong then reviewed his interpretation [she basically said that it was perfect] and gave some more tips. Dae and Tae seemed to listen with great attention, which made me giggle.

"I'm surprised that you know this cleansing method more than me...
Beginning with your nose is good, starting with your nose and the area around it is good for your health. Everything to do with your face is centered at your nose so its the most important area.
Trying to remember to wash in the opposite direction of your skin texture is tiring, so just try to put more focus on your hairline and your eyebrows is good. When you said to rinse your face with the water that hits your head first is good because you begin with your hairline"

If I may add some additional comments about the show in general...

Seungri did a lot of what are generally called "supporting reactions" to his member's parts on the show. It's been long known that he usually takes on that role in the group's appearances. For example, he claps and laughs at basically everything his members say to be funny to encourage that reaction from the hosts and the audience. Throughout Daesung's cleansing talk he made the similar gestures to match his tips, which often gives that "what he's saying is important" feel. Though some people would say that what Seungri does in the background or off to the side of the shot is distracting, it's what these supporting reaction makers are supposed to do on variety shows such as these ones, to enhance the "togetherness" atmosphere of everyone in the studio and the people watching.

As a review for the Go Show in general, it's pretty amusing if you're a fan of the guests that they host. Go Hyunjeong is a very famous actress in Korea, but it is her first run in variety TV, which is why although she is the main host of the show she needs the panel of supporting MCs (who are all well known comedians or variety stars) to make it work.

The show itself brings in a couple of celebrities and "auditions" them for a hypothetical movie. Each audition has a different theme that they focus on in their audition. In the end they "cast" the guest with the highest potential matching their theme. It is a show based on bringing light to the guests' hidden talents or secrets, done in an amusing way because the guests must share them as if they are in an audition.

I tried to watch a couple of other episodes of the show prior to the Big Bang episode, but I had difficulty getting through them because I had no interest in the guests. It could also be perhaps because the show itself is still new and the hosting panel is still a little awkward, but I've decided it needs more time before I commit to watching it weekly, like Strong Heart.

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