Monday, 9 April 2012

4Minute Volume Up

4Minute's back.

Volume Up

I'm not a fan of 4Minute. There have been moments when I was close, but there would always just be one part of the song that annoyed me so much that I didn't want to listen to them again. I also had problems with the group dynamic (Honestly it just looked like Hyuna the attention whore, Jiyoon her only competition, Gayoon the one with the voice but nobody wants to pay attention to her, and the other two members... who were they again?).

However, I must say that I don't hate this song. The first time around, I was impressed overall. It looked like the other members were stepping up their game (although Hyuna will forever get all the sexbomb parts in their promotions) so that help to even things out a bit, and I liked a lot of their outfits for this round. There's a concept that I quite like with this lux feminine yet fierce look.

I have gotten used to Jiyoon's power voice after a couple of her rounds on Immortal Song 2, so I've come to appreciate it rather than dislike it. The beats and sassy sounds in the song really play up with the 4Minute style, and they really made good use of Hyuna's rapping and Gayoon's singing in the beginning of the song.

I do have to mention, since I have a huge 2NE1 bias, that 4Minute's scarf pattern outfits reminded me of 2NE1's debut days, when their outfits consisted of the same pattern. Their stylists had actually taken huge pattern scarves and cut them into jackets. 4Minute took that style to the next level and they have leggings and dresses made of that material, but it'll look pretty good on stage.

I was really impressed with Gayoon's boldness with the snake scene and enjoyed the special effects with the black smoke. Hyuna's girl on girl implied scenes weren't totally unexpected and the girls all looked gorgeous. The styling concept I really love but I'm still a bit confused with how it ties in with this song. Overall, I'm just glad that I'm not annoyed with their song.

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