Sunday, 14 October 2012

CRAZYNO - 'Musiche' is not how it's actually pronounced

I've been really busy with school work and work work and other things, so I haven't really been in touch with the kpop world. So much that I completely missed Epik High's comeback single release D:

BUT to give myself a break today I watched my guilty pleasure show We Got Married, and at the end of the episode they showed a very short clip of this song.

Crazyno - 무식해 (Musiche)

By the clip that I saw (the scene where he's a crazy conductor) I thought it might have been Sungmin or Donghae from Super Junior, but it turns out he's a solo act from JFC Entertainment. He goes by the name of Crazyno and sings, raps, dances in a very hilarious manner. He has an even higher tone than G-Dragon's rapping voice which I find a little unnerving, but the music video is very entertaining and I had fun watching it.

Overall, big LOLs and I just had to share :)

oh.. and I guess the actual transcription would be [moo shik hae] for the Korean title, but he does say "music hae" in the song too....

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