Wednesday, 3 October 2012

[Lyrics translation] Moody Sarah playlist: 혹시라도 들릴까봐 (Have you heard / Because you might hear me)

With school and work picking up, my schedule's getting packed and my procrastinating habits have been kicking in. As as a result, I have become dependent on music to get me through it all. Particularly, I've been gravitating to some sad but somewhat refreshing-type songs - perhaps my brain just wants a break from all the fast paced bumping bass tracks of the summer. It does affect me in that I get a bit quiet and broody, but I also blame that on my lack of sleep during the last week.

Anyways, since I hadn't posted in a while I thought I'd share my version of the translated lyrics of leeSA's Have You Heard. It was on the I Need Romance 2 OST, but I hadn't really paid much attention to it when I watched the drama. However, when I heard on shuffle leeSA's awesome voice I started to pay attention and the lyrics really came through to me. I liked that there was a story within it - a breakup with an untold story, the dumpee hopeful that it will be told in the future.

leeSA - 혹시라도 들릴까봐 (Because you might hear me)

Truthfully, I was the one that changed first
I wasn't even sorry then
Not being able to get through the day with my head straight
Those, those, those kinds of days, and
Days when I smile, smile, smile without meaning it, and
That day when I just had to get through everything

Your smile, as kind as always
My eyes, still enduring
Me, not being able to have told you even once
Look, look look, I'm this kind of person
Look at me, who is erasing you, crying
Me, who really isn't going to come back anymore

Do you regret it? Were you sorry?
Why weren't you there by my side then?
Someday, can you ask me, just once,
What had happened to me back then?

The days when I had more memories of you than of me
Back to that place, at your finger tips
The memories that remain, the memories still warm
All of those days of painful memories

While thinking that this is actually the end, that maybe you might change
So that my lying lips won't get caught