Tuesday, 23 October 2012


As in their idea for their performance promotions. The transition between the music video and the staging is flawless and they're both such creative ideas. I'm super impressed.

TVXQ - Catch Me Music Video

Catch me comeback performance

How awesome is that? No doubt, they look like crazy fools when taken out of the staging, lights and camera angles but I think it's such a great concept for their performances. And that dance is called the "hulk dance". LOL the things that people come up with... they're so ridiculous but its entertaining and these two are especially good at what they do.

Ga-In - Bloom music video (skip to 2:05 for the song)

Bloom performance

It's ridiculously sexy for Korean broadcasting but I think it really was genius with the props and choreography. She's such a tiny lady and she can't dance as fiercely as BoA so she really needs the table midst all her tall dance team. It also allows for less moving around that she has to do so she can maintain a steadier singing voice throughout the performance (compared to what the other idol singers are expected to do with their intense singing and dancing).

I'm really liking what I'm seeing in kpop this fall. Given, some of this stuff aren't actually my favourite songs (I'll make a separate post for that) but I'm seeing some great ideas and content that artists are coming out with and it has somewhat restored my faith in kpop.

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