Friday, 10 August 2012

I haven't been this excited for a debut group in a while... TASTY

너 나 알아

Alllllllrighty so from Woollim Entertainment were we get some great groups like Infinite and Nell, they've also dropped this bomb of hot dancing fierce ass TWINS on us. Apparently now "Asia's No. 1 Performance Duo", Tasty or Tasty2wins (oh my gawd despite everything I still can't accept the name.. but they do look////) consists of Dae Ryong and So Ryong, 24 year old twins. And they're super freaking tall.. at 185 cm thats like.. a tiny bit over 6 feet.

ANYWAYS this music video is clearly just a teaser for all that's to come. There isn't much singing or rapping or whatever they might do except for looking awesome and dancing which I loved. And who else hears a bit of We Speak No Americano in that beat?
What makes me so excited is their potential, you can just see it in their expressions. It seems as though they've accomplished the different personality thing that people associate with twins, with Dae Ryong being the wilder one in style and air, and So Ryong being the more toned down version (and maybe older?) with the simpler clothes and hair. I'm just so excited, the words...aldsfhualueau ^_^

There's been a whole new horde of kpop idol debut teasers and music videos for a while now so I've been skimming through them with some skepticism. I had actually been straying away into Korean indie-type music, but I'm so freaking glad I clicked on Tasty's music video because it got me so freaking excited about kpop again. I'm not going to lie though, I was really skeptical of Tasty because of their name and an instant comparison to 1TYM just from the title of the song... I'm so judgemental ㅠ.ㅠ


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