Tuesday, 7 August 2012

I Need Romance 2 OST

It's been pretty slow in kpop lately. Given, there are always new artists and groups debuting, and there are other artists making comebacks and releasing new tracks but none of them really mattered to me. However, I do think that I should make a post about now since it's been so long, so I'm here to rave about the I Need Romance 2 OST.

An OST, for anyone that didn't know is an acronym for Original SoundTrack. Korean tv dramas have the tendency to have an OST of 5-15 tracks that they use for the entire runnning of the program (mini-series are the trendiest dramas with 16-20 episodes, aired twice a week). Sometimes half the OST consists of pieces of music with no lyrics, just instrumental melodies and such, but because they play it over and over throughout the episodes the viewers become very familiar with it.

A lot of the times, a good OST can impact how well the drama does, in a very subtle way. OST's are always released like an album, and some of them do super well such as ones that came from trendy dramas like the Dream High series, or ones featuring trendy artists.

[Lyrics translation of leeSA's Have You Heard]
I have been watching I Need Romance 2 (also watched the first series in 2011), and I really love the OST. There are 12 tracks on that OST but 7 are songs with lyrics; the rest are instrumental pieces. It's a light collection of songs that give off a chill cafe feeling. Nothing too dramatic (except perhaps the opening theme titled "Waru Waru") and pleasant. I found a YouTube playlist of the songs from the OST here:

I especially love the first track I Could Give You Love by Lasse Lindh, a Swedish singer. The combination of his voice and the song is quite lovely.

Anyways, I hope we get some new kpop tracks that I can review... I've just been enjoying Psy's rise to international fame with his Gangnam Style, and listening to all of the great summer tracks released thus far.

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