Monday, 30 July 2012

Let's play devil's advocate - the T-ara controversy

Hmm... yeah. So T-ara has found themselves in another cesspool of shit lately. I'm not going to explain much since Allkpop did such a great job covering it day by day... (haha)

[Edit note Aug. 1: On thoughts on the controversy in general, I recommend checking out Simon and Martina's TL;DR video on their thoughts. They put the idol world into perspective and I appreciate them for trying to put that out there. Meanwhile, my ranty blog post focuses on something different midst the whole thing so...]

So to further justify their decision to terminate Hwayoung's contract with T-ara and Core Contents Media, their CEO revealed the "darker side of Hwayoung" by sharing one of her recent misbehaviour. After she had injured her leg, she reportedly refused to perform on the live stage only two stages before T-ara's performance. She let down the group by doing so, as well as their entire staff, which pissed everyone off because they valued teamwork very highly among them. Eunjung and Hyomin had to learn Hwayoung's rap part in that time to make up for her lack of participation. This resulted in Hyomin making a mistake during the rap segment and disappointing the fans.

That's where I want to pause and reflect. Taking the whole Hwayoung pulling a diva and her possibly getting bullied by the rest of the group elements aside, how come members of a group this fucking big don't know the lyrics to their own song? There were 8 members participating in the recording of this song, and even if we take the uneven lyric distribution into account, really, how big can each their parts be? Those rap sequences are the most complicated parts of the song; the rest of the fucking song are literally repeating the same lines over and over again. They really couldn't bother trying to learn the entire song themselves? Even if the members can't rap (which they can, before Hwayoung joined T-ara there were members that took care of the rapping bits because all kpop idol songs just need a rap segment -.-") , was there really was no plan B to a possibility that this could happen? There were literally 3 or so members during that performance that had like 5 seconds of screen time. I don't understand this situation at all.

That was what I was most shocked about in reading up this entire thing. Fine, the new member doesn't get along with the rest of the group and she decided to pull a diva move and refuse to perform that once time. Fine, after that performance she threatened to kick and scream at her manager like a child throwing a tantrum. Fine, that wasn't the only time when she was letting people down. Let's not ignore the bullying element into this whole thing either. I don't believe that a girl after going through so much training and debuting with such a successful girl group compared to her twin sister who debuted into a much lesser-known group, who's made it this far will behave like this out of the blue. Bullying is nasty, and it changes people. I can't take sides since they haven't released all sides and reason behind this story but I don't believe for a second that it's just been in Hwayoung's nature to be a bitch and try to sabotage the success of T-ara.

Whatever. That company was getting on my nerves with the SeeYa disbandment and constantly changing the T-ara members and leaders. Be a bit more organized and get your shit together kay? And I hope Hwayoung makes it out alive and comes back with some sassy raps on stage. We need more of that around here in the kpop industry.

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