Sunday, 18 March 2012

[Day 2 2NE1]

At this point, there's already a pretty clear bias forming here. I am clearly in love with YG artists over the rest, but I try to be fair. In terms of favourite girl groups though, this one dominates.

Day 2 // Your favourite kpop girl goup

Ever since there were even talks of a Big Bang sister group forming in the depths of the kpop industry, I was taken. When they released short "trainee videos" of the members, I watched them in awe and anticipation.  2NE1 represented a fierce girl power right from the beginning, and I loved the fact that they were different from all of the ultra feminine girl groups sporting uniform stage outfits prancing around with their long wavy hair. Although I'll admit that my first impressions of them were slightly tinted with influence from my Big Bang bias, but I was completely in love.

2NE1 sticks to their style, not only with their bold fashion sense and the confidence to pull it off, but there's also a level of continuity in their title tracks with the various use of "eh eh eh eh". They have incredible versatility and they know how to bring something different to the kpop scene. They're successfully transitioning into the Japanese market with a Japanese concert tour already under their belt and planning their English album release, produced by

I love Big Bang as a die hard fan, but with 2NE1 they were really role models for me. There are lots of things about them that I wouldn't copy, such as their outfits, their hair or makeup, but the energy that they bring and the way that they conduct themselves in front of the camera is just great. All 4 have such different personalities, but there's an aspect of how they keep their privacy that I admire (and I just love their adorable nature). I really admire artists that can bring it to the stage, which is exactly what these girls can do. I am a proud viewer of all three seasons of 2NE1 TV, which clearly depicts how much love and energy they bring into their amazing stage presence. Although I wouldn't say that they can't bring it as much as Beyoncé (yet!) they're pretty close when looking at the any of the female singers in Korea.


CL - Leader, rapper, and my favourite member. She's been a role model for me in her private yet charming ways. She carries herself with a certain confidence that I really admire and she's so fierce on stage. CL is known for her English abilities, which looks like has created close connections for her with fashion designer Jeremy Scott and producer There's a certain episode of 2NE1 TV that I loved because it showed what kind of person she was.
<CL's cut beings at the 9 minute mark>

Minzy - Youngest member, incredible dancer. Minzy is known for her amazing dancing and sexy charm, which everyone tries to rein in while she is still so young. She does some rapping, but her vocal range is also really good. People sometimes call her the sister of Daesung from Big Bang because of their similar appearances and vocal styles.

Bom - Vocals, eldest with the "4D personality". Park Bom has had some amazing rounds of promotions with her solo tracks, and she's known for her extremely unique sound voice. She's displayed an insanely adorable but slightly crazy persona in her TV appearances, but plays a motherly role within the group along with Dara, as they are almost 10 years older than Minzy.

Dara - Vocals, PR manager. Dara was a well known star in the Philippines before she came up to join YG, and she's known for her energy in front of the camera. Although she's the oldest member with Bom, she looks about half her age and has done an incredible number of promotions for beauty products. She is recognized as 2NE1's spokesperson, with her energy in front of the camera and hilarious talks.

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