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kpop 30 day challenge [Day 1 Big Bang]

While I share my love for Korean music through this blog, I'm also going to try to improve my blogging skills. So, I've decided to take up the 30 Day Kpop Challenge. I've also decided to change the list a little (full list after the jump break) to cover all of Korean music, not just Kpop (I know it makes me sound a little anal about wording but a lot of the good music is not in the pop genre!). My modifications also include the Canadian spelling of 'favourite'...

Day 1 // Your favourite kpop guy group

My all time favourite guy group is Big Bang. They debuted back in 2006, right before I started my ventures into the world of Korean music. I've witnessed all of their evolving in fashion, hairstyles and maturity in front of the camera. They're a group that I feel like I've grown up with, through my crazy high school years and their scandals concerning plagiarizing, car accidents and pot.

The 5 member group is YG Entertainment's prize boy band, having extremely successful rounds of promotions in Korea and Japan. They are also planning their world tour this year, which I am extremely excited about (they're coming to Toronto!!). Their music is rooted in the hip hop style, but they've infused a lot of genres like rock, electropop, and R&B into their style. All of the members have done multiple solo tracks, which further displays their experimenting with the different genres.

Members (names in brackets are their secondary stage names, used during their Japanese promotions) :

TOP / T.O.P. - Rapper and the eldest. He's gorgeous, and has an incredibly sexy deep voice ^^ He is Big Bang's resident actor, having participated in multiple dramas and a movie. He's also known for his surprisingly childish antics on and off camera, as well as his conservative yet swagged out fashion sense.

G-Dragon / GD - Leader, rapper, and producer. GD had been with YG the longest, with Taeyang since they were 12 years old. He produces and writes a lot of songs for Big Bang, and is looking to producing for other artists as well. With his recently turned androgynous looks, he's definitely living up his title as the group's resident fashionista.

Seungri (V.I.) - Vocals and the youngest member of the group. He's created himself a name for his hilarious "talks" on various talk shows, and has established multiple branches of Seungri Academy in Korea, where students are taught singing, dancing, etc. With his surprisingly sexy solo promotions, he's also known to be the most flirtatious out of the members and has the most number of lady friends.

Taeyang (Sol) - Vocals and my favourite member. Taeyang has had the most rounds of solo promotions, and is very popular for his on point dancing and smooth R&B style. He boasts the best body out of the Big Bang members (honestly he has his shirt off in 5/7 of his music videos) and also is the shortest ^^

Daesung (D-Lite) - Vocals and Big Bang's variety show king. He has unique voice with an amazing range, and he's participated in a number of musicals. He's also hilarious and has set up a profile as a variety/talk show regular with his slapstick humour and adorable behaviour.
He's also the one without his own music video D:

kpop 30 day challenge [modified]

Day 1: Your favourite Korean guy group.
Day 2: Your favourite Korean girl group.
Day 3: Your favourite solo Korean singer.
Day 4: Your favourite non-idol Korean singer/group.
Day 5: Your favourite song from a Korean group.
Day 6: Your favourite song from a Korean solo act.
Day 7: A Korean song that makes you cry.
Day 8: A Korean song you know all the words to.
Day 9: Your favourite kpop performance.
Day 10: A kpop dance you’d like to learn.
Day 11: Your favourite Korean music video.
Day 12: The very first Korean song you’ve ever heard.
Day 13: A Korean group you dislike and why.
Day 14: A Korean song that makes you smile.
Day 15: A Korean song that reminds you of someone you miss.
Day 16: Your favourite Korean lyrics (with a translation!).
Day 17: A kpop idol you wish was your older sibling.
Day 18: A kpop idol you wish was your younger sibling.
Day 19: Your favourite interview of a Korean singer (solo or group).
Day 20: Your favourite picture of your kpop guy bias.
Day 21: Your favourite picture of your kpop girl bias.
Day 22: Your favourite picture of your kpop group.
Day 23: A picture of a Korean singer who you think is underrated.
Day 24: A picture of a Korean singer who you think is overrated.
Day 25: Your all time favourite Korean song.
Day 26: Your favourite cover of a Korean song by another Korean artist
Day 27: Your favourite dance battle.
Day 28: Your favourite cover of an American song by a Korean artist.
Day 29: A Korean song you never get tired of.
Day 30: A Korean artist that has amazing eye smiles.

This Kpop challenge I found on another blog, and a couple of links back it was on Wannstar's blog, posted 2 years ago. There is another tumblr address she refers back to but it's a dead end.

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