Saturday, 24 March 2012

John Park

I've really been loving this guy's voice lately. Love love love him!

If anyone remembers a couple of years ago, John Park made it to American Idol's Top 10.

After that, he went to Korea and participated in Superstar K2, where he placed second overall. I never followed the competition but I did see clips of him and the first place winner Huh Gak on other TV shows, so I was still aware of his transitioning into the Korean music industry.

Then, on the day that Big Bang was scheduled to release their first track and music video from their much anticipated comeback, I noticed John Park's music video on my YouTube stream. Watched it while I waited for Big Bang, and I fell completely in love.


After hearing his other tracks where he doesn't sing as high as he does in Falling, I felt reassured and decided to call myself a fan. He has a good range and a wonderfully deep voice which I love. His debut EP Knock has a jazz/blues tone to it, and he's not a ballad singer, which I loved to hear in the midst of all the synths and pop/dance tracks that are coming out in Korean music right now.

I very much look forward to what he'll come out with next. John Park fighting!

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