Friday, 23 March 2012


There are no official rules stating that I have to the 30 day challenge in 30 consecutive days. Then again, I did just start it to get me in my blogging zone.

I just watched SHINee's newly released music video and their comeback stages. I guess I wasn't surprised at how impressed I was with their amazing ability to dance in perfect synch like that, as well as pull off some of the funkiest moves in the idols scene. I wouldn't say the same with their hair and outfits, but I do love the for the incredible sound and dancing that the group delivers every time.

Sherlock (Clue + Note)

I've also followed SHINee from their debut. They weren't always a favourite partially due to the fact that half the group looked like they never went through puberty yet (ahem Taemin), and I wasn't really used to hearing their style of music. They have a distinct style from the rest of the idol groups that I am very pleased to see have been maintained throughout all of their music, but at the same time it's not that distinct in the pop genre in general. They're probably the first group to really introduce that into the kpop idol scene.

I've come to really appreciate their music though, seeing it with all of their efforts on stage with the super intense dancing. Knowing that Jonghyun participated in writing lyrics (he wrote Juliette!) also contributed to my respect for the group. Although it still makes me feel a bit uncomfortable that some of the members look way too feminine for my liking, they've proved themselves to be an amazing group perfect in song and dance.


I think I can safely say that they're my favourite group from SM Entertainment. I do enjoy watching their dance practice videos from the familiar blue sky practice room (although YG wins in that department. Their facilities are the best).

Lucifer practice video
(the all too impressive choreography. Blew me away.)

Sherlock practice video
(I find it so amusing that they marked off the stage with styrofoam cups and a roll of bathroom tissue :)

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