Wednesday, 28 March 2012

SPICA - new stars?


I think it's safe to say everyone was a little skeptical of this music video as soon as they got a glimpse of the opening scenes. Especially if you're familiar with 2NE1's Ugly M/V. However, SPICA's Painkiller did not disappoint, or even make it comparable to 2NE1's video.

They have a completely different sound from Ugly, and the styling is actually different (2NE1 has a lot more DIY pieces). Of course, it would take a lot of balls for any debut group to go up against 2NE1, but I would welcome another edgy group with a wild nonsensical style that still somehow makes sense. Painkiller is a much more soulful song and although I'm not a fan of those deep stares into the camera, the overall production of the video was satisfactory. I also hope that they're not going to try and promote with emphasis on dancing because they'd have a lot to work on.

I just want to add that I was impressed with the group from their debut music video, Russian Roulette. The group had some good people backing them with some creative ideas (to the extent that the industry will allow), and although the song itself isn't a completely new sound, it put the 5 member girl group onto my watch list.

Russian Roulette

Their official website has a pretty clean and straight forward layout, and it looks like they've made a slight effort to cater to English speaking fans. English labels and headers are there, so member profiles to match names and faces, as well as finding their birth dates and height is pretty easy.

It's also noteworthy that the average age among the members is around 24, which makes them older than most of the idol groups when they debut. What I do like about this is that they'll be going for a more mature style and concepts in their upcoming projects (hopefully). There's no huge age gap between the members either, so overall this group just makes sense to me, which seems amusingly refreshing. If I may, I will make a comparison to them with the Brown Eyed Girls' current looks, although I'm hoping their musical colours still stay different. I think I've pegged Kim BoA (red/pink pixie cut with the husky voice) as a favourite.

On a side note, Spica the star is one of the brightest in the sky, so I'm going to assume that had some influence in their name.

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