Monday, 19 March 2012

[Day 3 Alex]

I had to think a lot for this one. A LOT.
There are so many solo acts in Korea that I love and I really wanted to focus on a singer that debuted as a solo artist from the beginning, but I love this guy's voice too much.

Alex Chu.

<미쳐보려 해도 / Can't Be Crazy - Alex>

Day 3 // Your favourite solo Korean artist

Alex debuted in 2004 as a member of DJ Clazzi's project group Clazziquai Project. Fun fact: Horan wasn't an original member until their official debut. Alex's sister Christina Chu was friends with Clazzi and the brother/sister pair sang in Clazzi's songs until Christina left to the States for her career. Alex stayed and Horan was introduced. Christina still features in a couple of their songs, and she also featured in a couple of tracks from Clazzi's recent album Infant.

Alex was known for his smooth voice and loving yet masculine charm through his appearance on the first season of We Got Married. Although many people called him out for being "느끼해" (which can be interpreted to being an extremely cheesy romantic), you couldn't really help but to fall in love with him.

<Ping - Clazziquai Project>

As part of Clazziquai, Alex and Horan sing in perfect harmony, alternating their roles as the lead and accompanying vocals. Alex's voice is unique among all of the male voices in Korea, and it is undeniably addicting as it is sexy. His songs may not seem to focus on his vocal range like many other current solo singers, but he does a great job portraying emotion in his voice; you can hear happiness, sadness, confidence, sexiness, wistfulness, and joy. He is an amazing singer.

I am still currently in love with his second solo album released late last year titled Just Like Me, which features some awesome tracks such as the one in the first video posted above, and the one posted below.

<자신에게도 축복받지 못한 / My love that couldn't receive my own blessing - Alex>

Also, check out the all of the amazing voices of Fluxus Music, the label behind Alex and Clazziquai Project. True talents in the Korean music industry.

<Beat It cover by Fluxus Voices>

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