Friday, 30 March 2012

There used to be a time like this [Happy Face]

Post update:
I was pleasantly surprised with Lee Seunghoon's performance on Survival Kpop Star Auditions two days after I had posted this. Why? Both Big Tone and Pilkang were involved in helping stage his performance! Oh, the happy coincidences in life ^^

The last two days there was a song that kept nudging into my head. I couldn't remember what it was but the sound kept pushing in. I finally figured it out last night and raked through YouTube to find it.

There was once a time like this

The group was Happy Face, consisted of members Pilkang and Big Tone. They released an EP in 2009, with songs like Happy Face, See (보여), and Be My 1004 Part II. They were active previously in about 2005 (I can't remember) under a different name, iM, where they released Be My 1004 Part I (1004 read in Korean sounds like chun-sa, meaning 'angel'). They had a distinct Linkin Park-like sound which I really liked. Now the two members are producers at YG Entertainment, Big Tone keeping his name and Pilkang's name being shortened to PK.

Performing [See] on Music Core

There used to be a time like this, when music broadcast shows didn't depend on their giantic LED screens backing every stage; when Jay Park and Nichkhun rocked to a song together; when even kpop artists rocked on stage with endless energy, out of breath but still unrestricted from confining choreography.

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