Thursday, 26 July 2012

And the summer songs just keep rolling in - Summer funky fresh with Muzie and IU & Fiestar

Muzie featuring Dynamic Duo - Love at First Sight

Oh my gawd.

I really don't know how I'm supposed to take this.. I'm not sure how serious this is. It really seems to half joke and be half serious. Muzie, the quieter half of hilarious kpop duo UV came out with a solo track featuring Korea's popular hip hop group Dynamic Duo (because adding Dynamic Duo to anything automatically makes it better). It's one of those funky songs reminiscent of some of Michael Jackson or Prince's work, which is also what he told us to expect from his teaser. The skits in the beginning and end of the video give it more of the 'haha laugh at me because it's a parody' quality, but I'm still unsure whether I'm supposed to laugh it off because he looks so serious throughout the actual song. But his name is a parody in itself.. Muzie??
Either way, it made for a fun laugh. That is all for me :)

Loen Tree: IU & Fiestar - Sea of Moonlight

I was very excited about this. Very very. We've seen the major music companies bring together all of their artists to make "family" collaborations; YG Family (although none too recent) has quite a bit as well as SMTownJYP Nation and Jellyfish Entertainment have very nice ones, and Fluxus Voices has a couple of amazing ones. But now, it looks like Loen Entertainment is putting together their artists for a family album.

Given, this particular track only features Loen's star act IU and Fiestar, which I assume is a new girl group. There is actually nothing on Fiestar, nothing even on Loen's website. I was disappointed that this song didn't feature all of Loen's artists, because they do have very nice voices predominantly in that very feminine but power vocals category. Unlike the teaser for the track this song is surprisingly fast-paced and more 80's pop than anything. I also complain a bit about the camera work, but it's still an overall fun and cute music video.

Hah IU, don't think I didn't catch that hip hop look you're going for, channeling your inner Taeyang I see?

If I may, I just need to add something about Loen Entertainment's freaking amazing YouTube channel. I've inspected a lot of YouTube pages for other big companies, but Loen's has got to top them all. It's freaking interactive and informative. It's especially awesome if you're starting out or already into kpop. Since Loen not only has their own label but is also a distributer for many other smaller kpop companies (basically ones not mentioned above), their channel features a huge variety of kpop artists, and they do a really good job organizing and displaying it. I'm totally impressed.

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