Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Fact: The Wonder Girls are robots o_o

Wonder Girls - Like Money

Wonder Girls are back on the American music scene with a Vevo and an Akon feature. Their song is catchy and their music video looks pretty cool, but it does look like it is meant for a younger audience. Their video reminds me a lot of the movie Tron, and with clean lyrics and video it just sounds like they're sticking to their original target market of young teenagers.

The song actually starts at about the 54 second mark, but the video stopped being interesting as we got into the first chorus of the song. There aren't many outfit changes or close-ups, and the choreography consists of  easy lyrical dance moves. Akon takes the entire second verse and the following chorus with cut shots of the Girls dancing in the same outfits. There were some interesting parts of the video when the Girls were being put together as robots, and it was fun to spot J.Y. Park's appearance as well as his discrete headphones promotions. For me, I can see how cool and awesome this would look when I was 12 or 13, but now the only way I can enjoy this is just by looking back at how far the Wonder Girls have come and feel proud of them.

I do think the lyrics are stupid, but as always, that never stops me from listening and singing along... *le sigh*

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