Thursday, 12 July 2012

[Lyrics Translation - kind of] Handsome People :3

Contrary to what you might assume of this song of simple "hey lets party" lyrics, there is something of a story in there. Whether they're felt deep or not, I just needed to make a post about this song (I can't believe I haven't already) because I freaking love Handsome People.

Handsome People - Woowei Woowei

The song is about how the he loves a girl with an intellectual charm. He's fallen in love a couple of times before but this girl is on a whole different level, and it makes his breath stop to just glance at her.

I tried to translate the lyrics to this song, but there are too many of those spliced sentences where words are put together ungrammatically to convey a meaning but it's just so hard to translate.. you know? I got the first verse and the chorus though, but from there it started sounding a little ridiculous so I stopped.

I think people's charms are their thoughts
Thoughts are more powerful, so sexyful
If you're concentrating it's okay
You know something baby

If you're shrugging it's okay
It's meant to be like that baby, my lady
That sneaky expert voice... (be quiet)
It makes me freeze... (intellectual shock)

I have fallen into that undefinable love a couple of times
(You're too different) woowei woowei woo it makes my breath stop
You're woowei woowei on a different level

I have been closed in by undefinable ideas
(You're too different) woowei woowei woo it makes my breath stop
Even when I just glance at you

I am definitely a fan of Handsome People. I'm a huge Tei (the singer) fan, for almost 10 years now... :o
I remember seeing him for the first time on a really popular Korean TV show back then called X-man, it was love at first sight :3 But his voice is awesome for real, and I loved all of his stuff from his solo career. He was on hiatus for a couple years but when he came out with this project band Handsome People last year I jumped on them (Shall We Dance and Crazy were their debut tracks). With a nice fresh, funky sound and a voice as awesome as his, Handsome People is up there on my favourites list.


  1. Awesome man, I also love them and I LOVEDDDDD so much this song <3 thanks for trying to translate it <3!