Thursday, 12 July 2012

[Day 5 Music (is my life)]

Returning to that 30 Day Kpop Challenge that I started back in March, here's day 5 - Your favourite track from a Korean group.

This is actually really sad that I could only make it consistently through 4 days of the challenge. Pathetic.

Epik High ft. K.Will - Music (is my life)

This song has always been on my all time favourites list since I first heard it back in 2007. I was already in love with Epik High, and then this song introduced me to K.Will. Omg I fell in love with that guy almost instantaneously. His voice is so good and I jumped on all of his solo stuff for the first little while after his debut. For a while I was seriously telling everyone that I'd marry this guy for his voice (which was actually saying something since in Korea K.Will gets made fun of a lot for looking like Daesung, and that standard to Koreans is very low in terms of looks. Truthfully I think they're adorable and if a guy can sing... that's good enough for me.)

Anyways, I loved this song because it was simple, fun and I connected with the lyrics. I'm a big music appreciator, and it's definitely got me through a lot of ridiculousness in my adolescence. I know all of the words by heart and I always sing this song when I go to karaoke with my friends. Yes, I can rap. Just this one though.

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