Sunday, 8 July 2012

Another MV roundup! 2NE1, Sagging Snail, T-ara, JoKwon

I didn't want to do another one of these posts so soon but there are just too many recently released interesting music videos that I want to talk about, so let's just get into it!

2NE1 - I Love You

I love this. It's one of those party beat love songs but what I really like about this song and video is that it really makes sense to see what we are seeing with what we are hearing. There's a mixed Asian quality to the sound and it's really well reflected in the theme of the video. I can't exactly locate which country the colours and patterns remind me of but it's definitely not just one country. I really love that about 2NE1; they seem to incorporate all different kinds of sounds and looks in their promotions that represent and are relatable to more than one country. Anyway this video is beautiful, CL and Minzy are working their sexy, Dara looks fucking fierce with that hair and Bom is pretty pretty pretty. I really do love hearing all of their unique voices changing up the song - not one member sings the same part of the song throughout.

Sagging Snail - Room Nallari

Oh my gawd. Just.. no words. The song, the video, the styling is just perfect. Pure comedy. Park Myung-Soo is also the perfect comedian to star in a music video about a nallari since he is a G-Dragon wannabe after all (did you catch all the.. similarities in the hair and outfits?) A nallari is wannabe, usually used to describe teenagers trying to act cool (usually pathetic or desperate) instead of being faithful students to their studies. For more context on the group and video, check out the video description on the YouTube page (it's in perfect English!). For more Korean slang, check out this yahoo answer.

T-ara - Day by Day (warning, it's 15 minutes long wtf)

I don't like this song, and I'm not a particular fan of the music video, but it just seems to fulfill my theory about T-ara's plan. They're a very popular girl group this I know, but how did they get that way? Yes they are adorable and very pretty with appreciable bodies, but they have a secret tactic they've been using from the very beginning. They're tackling all of the male fantasies, one by one or if I may, Day by day.
We got their debut in the clean young school girl concept with Lies, the cute with sexy animal printed Bo Peep, black leather clad sexy bad girl with 너 때문애 미쳐 (I go crazy because of you), Native American "Indian" (racist -.-) fantasies with Yayaya, 80s sassy disco sexy with Roly Poly, and finally fantasy gamer world with Day by Day. It's ridiculously obvious but seems to have proven them successful, judging by the fanbase they've created since their debut. Their MVs have also become like open auditions for any future acting gig for the members.  Cheesy, but smart.

Jokwon - I'm Da One

Aigoo... I wasn't expecting this, but here's JoKwon with his solo album. It really is just a party album over all, which I didn't expect at all from him. He never really gave off that vibe in his previous tv appearances, but I guess he just needed this opportunity to release his inner party animal. I can't say I really appreciated this particular song because it sounded way too familiar but the video is cute and he is adorable. He really has this straight but totally gay thing going on if you know what I mean. Another small detail about this video - doesn't it totally look like a really long beer commercial? The party scenes, his JoKwon logo that really reminds me of a beer label... and that shot of him holding his "JoKwon The Water" LOL

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