Thursday, 26 July 2012

Some beautiful summer sounds in kpop ^^ - Namaste, Sung Hoon, Brown Eyed Girls

I recently changed my blog's url from kpoptint.blogspot to kpopcommentary.blogspot... Hope that doesn't inconvenience anyone!

If it hasn't been a noticeable trend throughout my posts already, I'm a big YouTube user. Thankfully, the kpop world has caught on to this worldwide trend and has been pretty good with uploading content for more potential viewers and fans. Finding and subscribing to these channels will give you a pretty good dose of current and newly released kpop, as well as other good bits like the behind the scenes videos and other interview clips.

ANYWAYS, came across some really nice songs, no idols, complicated dance/singing combinations topped with avant garde dressing. Just some nice and simple concepts with super amazing voices!

Namaste - Jeju Island's blue night

Namaste, a play on words in Korean which is actually spelled out to mean Young men's time is a group fresh off the Korean TV competition show Birth of a Great Star. I didn't follow the show so I don't know that much about the group, but they have some great voices. Yes, their lack of experience in front of the camera makes for some awkward singing shots throughout the music video, but the video itself is quite pretty. They have shots where everything in the frame is still like a photograph except for the focal point which is captured like a video. It does get kind of slow and repetitive, but the song makes up for it. The colours, outfits on the guys and the sound makes for a very nice way to capture the beauty of summer in a music video.

Sung Hoon of Bown Eyed Soul - Ma Boo ft. San E

A much more groovier sound than the previous track, but just as summery and wonderful. Sung Hoon has a pretty distinct voice, which anybody would be able to pick out in the perfect harmony of Brown Eyed Soul. However, this time he come out solo with Ma Boo featuring JYP's resident rapper San E.
I love simple "music videos" like this, just some people recording in the studio and having some fun. I must admit I was very very skeptical of the song when I saw the title - seriously, Ma Boo? Can you get any more cliche? - but it's awesome and the rap is very nicely integrated into the track. Love it.

Brown Eyed Girls - One Summer Night

Now this is the Brown Eyed Girls that I remember from the first time I ever heard of them. They did a song with SeeYa way back 6+ years ago, a super ballad based totally on their vocal skills. Believe it or not, the Brown Eyed Girls debuted as "faceless artists" because they were deemed too ugly by their company to show their face on their music videos or any other kind of TV broadcast. Now I think we've accomplished a healthy balance of being able to rock the pants off anybody with their sexy dance moves and fierce looks as well as captivate any listener with just their beautiful voices.
This song is very pretty and I love that they've come back with a nice ballad-type song reminiscing the past because it makes it that much more nostalgic. Of course, they haven't left out that twist at the end of their music videos that everyone should now expect. That frustrating cliff-hanger end to the story that they always leave to the viewer's imagination. Those sneaky peeky Brown Eyed Girls ^^

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