Monday, 23 July 2012

They had me at Beautiful (Let's get some BEAST on this blog!)

Admittedly, I am a huge skeptic when it comes to kpop groups. I tend to give most groups a time to age before I fall for them. It's different for each group, but it only makes my kpop playlist that much better ^^
B2ST (or Beast) is one of those groups that took me a while to like. But I like them now. I love them,
ever since their round with Beautiful. But what actually got me to hit subscribe to their YouTube channel was their recent comeback:

It's a Beautiful Night (아름다운 밤아야)

What a summerlicious track. And their looks, it's quite enjoyable to just look at them. From their Making of video I can appreciate the subtleness in Doojoon's lick of green hair, and Dongwoon just looks amazing. Except for poor Hyunseung's red cut, all of the crazy looks are working for them (hmm, since I know all of their names I'm going to say I'm a fan. Not hardcore but I'm there lol). The music video itself is just totally fun.

They seemed to have filmed this music video as well as all of their teasers and Midnight short video in NYC midst all the heat (which is funny because when Big Bang went in for their music videos they seemed to have frozen their butts off - please NYC be nicer to our kpoppers next time :) but they pulled it all off with some great summer shots. Love love love their comeback tracks, keep it up BEAST!

Speaking of summerlicious, I put together a summer kpop playlist on 8tracks. Check it out!

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