Sunday, 15 July 2012

That level achievable only by PSY - Gangnam Style

[Edit note Aug. 8: I made a post on the brand of sunglasses Psy wears in the music video here]

Gangnam Style's going viral with all kinds of famous people on this side of the world tweeting about it! Congratulations to Psy :)

As well, I have enough humour to laugh at the comments on his resemblance to the North Korean dictator Kim line and how North Korea actually seems to be doing well. Laugh it off people, not the entire world understands the sensitivity in that issue and reacting sensitively to it puts a damper on all the fun.

With cameos made by comedian MCs Yoo Jae-Suk and Noh Hong-Chul, and 4Minute's Hyuna, PSY delivers with his hilariously explosive comeback.

Gangnam Style

Psy is Gangnam style, which he more closely describes in the other verses of the song. Apparently, the Gangnam style is someone of the extreme, one who downs hot coffee in one shot without waiting for it to cool down, one who's heart is ready to explode by night time (as opposed to just getting... rowdy). Their confidence is unmatched and they know how to charm the pants of any lady - Psy style. With his fashion sense and.. straight forward dance moves as seen in his video, Psy shows the world exactly what the Gangnam style is.

I absolutely cannot believe that it's already been two years since Psy's last return with Right Now; I can still relive the hilariousness just by thinking about the music video and his performances. He's on a whole different level from all the other Korean music artists; he produces and choreographs most of his stuff (as he did with Gangnam Style), and he is an incredible performer. Of course, I haven't been able to witness him in action live but he has been crowned the Performance King of Korea. Click on any of his performance clips on YouTube and anybody will be able to see why. He really has a whole level of ridiculous fun that only he can achieve, it's really unmatchable by anybody in the industry.

Psy has a crazy sense of humour and a very bold nature that's made him so famous as a performer and artist, and I'm very glad he didn't disappoint for his 6th album. Gotta get on that Gangnam style...

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